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Breastfeeding Friendly Arkansas Businesses

What are the laws about a mother pumping her milk at work?

We maintain a list of current laws concerning breastfeeding here.

What does it mean to be breastfeeding friendly?

At a minimum, a business complies with Arkansas and federal law and enables and supports a mom to pump her milk for her baby at work.  This means that she gets time in a clean private space that is not a bathroom to pump during the day and the employer works with her to be flexible with her schedule, and the mom works with the employer to interfere as little as possible with her work.

Some businesses do more than the minimum and provide other support such as: a refrigerator for her to store her milk in, a multi-user pump, educational pamphlets about breastfeeding, classes or support groups in the work space. 

These Arkansas businesses have provided space and time for their breastfeeding moms to pump at work. 

Cave Springs

1. Shores Hardware



1. Orscheln Farm and Home


Ft. Smith

1. OK Foods, Inc.

2. Staff Management

3. Ingersoll Rand

4. Advance Services, Inc.



1. Companions Spay and Neuter

2. Rehab Therapy Solutions



1. Allied Universal



1. WIS International

2. Liberty Tax Services

3. Home Instead

4. NEW Customer Service Co.

5. Friendship Community Care

6. Transco Leasing


For more information on working and breastfeeding, see these sources:

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La Leche League support for mothers:

Office on Women’s Health on going back to work:


If you would like to recommend a business for listing on this page as supportive of breastfeeding moms, please contact us with your information.